Utilities & Zoning


ROADS: Your property is easily reached by all-weather sandy, gravel roads that are accessible in all seasons.

WATER: The soil in the valley is sandy loam and it is easy to find clear, clean water at a reasonable depth. In Alamosa and Saguache Counties the well depth is about 50 to 90 feet. For our properties in Costilla and Conejos Counties the well depth can be 170+ feet. A well permit can be obtained from the State Division of Water Resources. The county in which the land is located issues both a building permit and a permit for a septic system.

ELECTRICITY is available on several of the parcels. For part-time users of parcels without easy access to electricity, self-contained gas or propane generators are the least expensive method to obtain electricity. For full-time users, solar-powered systems are an economical alternative, as the sun shines in the valley 320 or more days per year.

ZONING: All of the parcels we sell are zoned Rural Residential, Non Commercial.

For information about the specific area in which you are interested, click on the links below:

Alamosa County |   Conejos County |   Costilla County |    Saguache County

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